Central & Southern Mongolia



16 June – 30 June
13 July – 27 July (Pre Naadam extension available on July 11th&12th)
02 August – 16 August
25 August – 08 September


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Ulaanbaatar City, Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Khustai National Park, Bayangobi, Karakorum, Tsenher Hot Spa, Tuvkhun Monastery, Overnight in Ger of nomad family, Ongyn Khiid, Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs, Khongoryn Els, Yoliin Am, Tsagaan Suvraga and Baga Gazriin Chuluu.
Join one of our guaranteed departure dates and enjoy sharing the experience of travelling with others while in the expert hands of an experienced local guide.
We also give you a unique opportunity to discover Mongolian Naadam Festival on each departure with an extension on the request.

Travel highlights

Ulaanbaatar City, Khustai National Park, Bayangobi, Karakorum, Tsenher Hot Spa, Tuvkhun Monastery, Overnight in Ger of nomad family, Ongyn Khiid, Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs, Khongoryn Els, Yoliin Am, Tsagaan Suvraga and Baga Gazriin Chuluu.

Travel length & Guaranteed departure dates

2022 /15 days
Southern and Central Mongolia
  • 16 - 30 June
  • 13 - 27 July (Pre Naadam extension available on July 11th&12th)
  • 02 - 16 August
  • 25 August - 08 September

Guaranteed departure dates:
Group 1 is available with Pre-Naadam extension

Package price

No. of participants            Package price per person, in USD
2 pax                                                           $3090.00
3 – 5 pax                                                     $2650.00
6 – 9 pax                                                     $2390.00

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Day 1. Ulaanbaatar / City tour

Upon arrival, meet your guide and take a full day city tour including Gandan monastery, the largest Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia that houses well over 500 monks. The full name of Gandan is Gandantegchilen, translates as ‘The great place of complete joy’. Visit National History Museum and Sukhbaatar Square which would cover the spot where Mongolia’s independence was proclaimed in 1921. Have lunch in a Mongolian buffet restaurant where you can create your own stir fry bowls and barbeques.
Check in hotel and get some time to refresh.
In the afternoon, explore Bogd King Palace museum, also known as the Winter Palace. This large complex of seven halls and a two-storey Russian style house was the winter home of Mongolia`s last king and the third line in the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy after the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama. Afterwards, proceed to the Zaisan Memorial Hills to have a panoramic view of the city.
Have dinner and return to the hotel to stay overnight.
Any later arrival than noon can check in hotel right after lunch and participate afternoon city tour. Please note that there is no price change depending on our arrival time.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 2. Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex / Terelj National Park 190 km

After an early breakfast, it is a day to travel to the eastern side of Ulaanbaatar city for its beautiful landscapes and adventure. Your first visit will be the famous Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex for an impressive sight. The massive and shiny statue is largest creation made in Chinggis Khaan image in the world.
Later, travel to Terelj National Park which is renowned for its lovely natural scenery of stunning rock formations, larch forests, sweeping grass lands and swiftly flowing streams. Visit the Turtle Rock and Ariyabala Temple for a great view of the park. Visit a Mongolian family for a nomadic hospitality and horseback ride adventure. Have dinner at camp restaurant and stay overnight in ger.
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are included.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 3. Central Mongolia / Nomadic show – Khustai National Park 170 km

Meet your travel team and check out your hotel. Your adventure journey with 4×4 jeeps through the Mongolian country sides begins. Excursion would begin by arriving at the Mongol Nomadic camp, where you can enjoy the nomadic show. The show features Mongolian`s Nomadic life style by showing demonstration of traditional way of living,  using five kinds of livestock, using Ox and Yaks as traditional transportation for their seasonal movement. You can be part of setting up a Mongolian ger and get fully introduced Mongolian ger`s structure and how it became Nomad`s house for centuries. Also you will be get tasted the dairy products and watch how to make felt etc.
Further driving to the Khustai National Park, which is famous for preservation of its Przewalski or wild horses that had been reintroduced back into the wild. The National Park is famous not only for its wild horses but other mammals, floras and faunas. Get introduced to the National Park and proceed deep inside the park to search for the prized wild horses Spend the night at a nearby ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 4. Central Mongolia / Bayangobi 180 km

After having breakfast at the camp drive to Bayangobi. Within 2-3 hours of driving, the landscape of Central Mongolia opens up with beautiful mountainous and wide valleys. After arriving at the ger camp some refreshing time and have lunch.
Visit a nomadic horse breeding family. Take an opportunity to have a horseback ride through the steppe. Spend the night in a ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 5. Central Mongolia / Orkhon Valley and Karakorum 100 km

The day is to explore Mongolia’s Ancient Capital City Karakorum located in the Orkhon Valley. Chinggis Khaan`s choice of Karakorum city as the capital of the empire in Central Mongolia was no coincidence. The surrounding Orkhon Valley was the center of action for various nomadic dynasties that preceded the Mongol Empire, and holds enormous symbolic importance. Here you will explore the Erdenezuu monastery, museum of Karakorum, Phallic Rock and Turtle Rock. Stay overnight in ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 6. Central Mongolia / Tsenher Hot Spa 150 km

This day the journey would take you to Central Mongolia and the Tsenher Hot Spa. While enjoy the natural hot spa, you can also have a short hike in the surrounding forest during the two days. Having the spa after dinner in the evening is another experience. Body massage and beauty services are available on the request.
Overnight in ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 7. Central Mongolia / Tuvkhun Monastery 120 km

After having two full refreshing days, get ready for continuing your adventure. One of the most significant sights of Central Mongolia is Orkhon valley with its valuable attractions. Tuvhun Monastery is a large complex that by has a trail on its back that would lead you to a spectacular view of the surrounding. You can hike like the monks or take a horseback ride on getting to the top. Have a picnic lunch.
Come down from the monastery and drive to Orkhon waterfall and explore the biggest waterfall in Mongolia and Orkhan Valley. Check in ger camp for a shower and have dinner.
Overnight in ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 8. Middle Gobi / Ongyn Khiid 200 km

Wake up early like a nomad and to see the rising sun over the vast landscape. Afterwards, proceed to Ongyn Khiid where the mountains would disappear and the huge open steppe would start. Located at the banks of Ongi River, you would have a chance to view the ruins of two famed monasteries, the Barlim Khiid to the north and the Khutagt Khiid to the south through an afternoon hike. Combined together, they form the complex known as Ongiin Khiid.
Drive to Mongolian Nomadic family and try homemade delicious noodles with dried goat or any available fresh meat, cabbage, potatoes and carrots for your lunch.
Get involved in their daily activities or be a member of nomads for a unique Mongolian experience.
Stay in ger of nomad family.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 9. South Gobi/ Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs 150 km

In the morning, begin your journey to Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs for the magnificent landscapes and the place where the first ever fossilized dinosaur eggs were found. The sight is totally flat on top as rain and wind had eroded the layers that formed the brightly colored cliffs from the edge. Get introduced to the history of how Roy Chapman Andrews had made the ultimate exploration of dinosaur fossilized eggs and bones over a century ago.
Prepare for the evening`s sunset, a magnificent moment to take away as a perfect memory of South Gobi. Stay overnight in ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 10. South Gobi / Khongoryn Els 200 km

After having breakfast, head off to Khongoryn Els. Upon arrival check in at ger camp. Have lunch and visit a camel breeding family and get introduced to the way of Mongolian nomads and their way of life. Explore Mongolia`s largest Sand Dune, Khongoryn Els, which is also popularly known as the ‘Singing Dunes’. Enjoy the beauty of the stark landscape, and for those who are feeling more adventurous, climb to the very top for a fantastic view. Drive back to the ger camp and stay overnight.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 11. South Gobi / Yoliin Am 180 km

Have an early start on heading to the Three Beauties Mountain range of the Gobi National Park. The shimmering heat and isolated gers and herds of camels plus the images of lakes that is none other than a mirage are a typical sight you will see. Spend the day hiking and enjoying stunning photographic opportunities at the Yol Valley. Stay overnight at ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 12. Middle Gobi / Tsagaan Suvraga 270 km

The direction for today is to the north, to Middle Gobi. One of the travel highlighted of Middle Gobi is Tsagaan Suvraga where you will see a white Lime Stone cliff having 10 million years of history and its beauty. Have you own time and explore the area. Stay overnight in ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 13. Middle Gobi / Baga Gazriin Chuluu 220 km

After having breakfast drive toBagaGazriinChuluu, a unique rock formation and a lovely rock-strewn range full of canyons, caves and a solitary lake. On the way visit to Sum KhukhBurd. Have a walk at the BagaGazriinChuluu to stretch your legs and explore.
Arrive at ger camp and check in. Bonfire and have farewell dinner with your travel team.
Overnight in ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 14. Ulaanbaatar 220 km

After breakfast drive back to Ulaanbaatar. After arriving at the city, check into the hotel. Have a leisurely afternoon. Stay overnight in the hotel.

Breakfast is included.

Day 15. Departure

After breakfast checkout from hotel and transfer to the Railway station or Airport for your international departure.

Breakfast is included.

Guaranteed departure dates:

Group 116 - 30 June
Group 213 - 27 July
(Pre-Naadam extension is available)
Group 302 - 16 August
Group 425 Aug - 08 Sep

No. of participantsPackage price per person
2 pax$3090.00
3 - 5 pax$2650.00
6 - 9 pax$2390.00

Note: The above package price does not include hotel accommodations in UB for 2 nights to let you select your hotel from variety of choices.

Single Supplement in Ger camp:  320.0 USD per person

Package price includes:      

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • English speaking guide at all times
  • Accommodation in 4-star hotels (2 nights and TWN share)
  • Accommodation in ger camp (11 nights and TWN share)
  • Accommodation in nomadic family (1 night and TWN share)
  • All meals are provided as stated in the itinerary.
  • Ground transportation: in the countryside by a chauffeur-driven 4WD jeep, bus in the city area
  • Park entrance fees
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • 1 liter of drinking water per day per person

Package price excludes:

Accommodation in a hotel or hostel in Ulaanbaatar, hotel extras, such as telephone calls, bar bills and laundry services, travel insurance, medical insurance, visa application fees, alcoholic beverages, personal expenses such as items of a personal nature, gratuity to local guides and drivers, airfare or train tickets, airport taxes, excess baggage charges (over 33 pounds / 15 kilograms), changes of arrival/departure flights, additional services, any charges of force majeure beyond our control (e.g. imposition of quarantine restrictions, etc.), optional excursions unless stated in your itinerary etc.

July 11. Ulaanbaatar / Mongolian Naadam Festival

Naadam Festival officially starts today, and everyone should brace themselves for a festive and busy day. Transfer to the National Stadium and get seated with locals and thousands of tourists from all over the world who had come to watch the festival under one roof. Naadam Ceremony opens with the Mongolian President`s speech and a performance by country’s leading dancers, athletes, horse riders and musicians would take place. Escape the stadium for lunch and come back to the see the strong wrestlers and sharp archers. Walk around the stadium to see the ankle-bone shooting game and enjoy the local atmosphere with local Mongolians.  Watch a special Mongolian folklore concert and have a festive Gala dinner in the evening. Back to the hotel and spend the overnight.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

July 12. Ulaanbaatar / Mongolian Naadam Festival 110 km

Drive for an hour outside of Ulaanbaatar City for the national horse race. Walk to the horses` finishing line and get seated with boxed lunches. The horse jockeys for the event are all children between 5 to 12 year old and many of them have been in the saddle since ages of 1 to 3. Watch and feel the emotion in the children and their horses when they complete the 20 kilometer distance while competing with from over 300 other horse and their jockeys. Drive back to the city and be part of Naadam Festival championship in the central stadium. You will see how Mongolians are addicted to their national wrestling and being part of it. Closing speech by the Mongolian President right after Mongolian wrestling match. Transfer to the hotel and stay overnight.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

No. of participantsNaadam Package price per person
2 pax$690.00
3 - 5 pax$650.00
6 - 9 pax$580.00

Naadam package price includes:      

  • Accommodation in 4-star hotels (2 nights and TWN share)
  • Naadam opening and closing ceremony tickets
  • Full program of Naadam Festival
  • Naadam Gala Concert
  • English speaking guide at all times.
  • All meals are provided as stated in the itinerary
  • Gala dinner on July 11th
  • Ground transportation
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • 1 liter of drinking water per day per person

Single Supplement in Ger camp: 120.0 USD per person