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The city of Ulaanbaatar is the cultural and academic center of Mongolia. As commonly known as UB, the city is also home to the country’s major art galleries, museums, educational institutions and a wide range of consumer services.

Travel highlights

Gandan monastery, Sukhbaatar Square, National museum of Ulaanbaatar, Buddha statue, The Bogd Khan palace, Mongolian folklore concert

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1 day

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1 pax                                                         $160.00
2 pax                                                         $100.00
3 – 5 pax                                                     $80.00
6 – 9 pax                                                     $60.00

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1. Gandan monastery

Visit Gandan monastery, as the Buddhist center of Mongolia and the largest Buddhist Monastery in the country. It houses well over 500 monks. Since the end of communism in 1990 the Monastery had been restored and opened to the public. The Tibetan name Gandan is translated as “The Great Place of Complete Joy.”

2. Sukhbaatar Square

Sukhbaatar Square is the heart of Ulaanbaatar that is surrounded by Chinggis Khaan statue, Parliament house, the palace of culture, National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet and the Stock Exchange.

3. National museum of Ulaanbaatar

National museum of Ulaanbaatar sweeps visitors from the Neolithic era right to the present day. It is UB’s only genuine blockbuster sight, offering an unparalleled overview of Mongolian culture, ranging from stone-age petroglyphs and exquisite gold ornamentation to arguably the highlight, the full gamut of traditional ceremonial costumes.

Have lunch in a Mongolian restaurant where you can try authentic Mongolian taste.


4. Buddha statue

Buddha statue in Buddha Park is the 23m high Sakyamuni statue. Below the statue is a small room containing thangkas, Sutras and images of the Buddha and his disciples. When it was erected in 2007, five tons of juniper were placed inside.

5. The Bogd Khan palace

The palace dedicated to Bogd Khan, the last king of Mongolia, was designed according to Russian and European traditions. The palace was completed in 1905 and a new ceremonial gate was added during his rule to celebrate Mongolian independence. After the death of Bogd Khan in 1924, the Winter Palace was turned into a museum.

6. Mongolian folklore concert

Mongolian folklore concert in Ulaanbaatar is certainly one of the MUST SEE attractions. Here you will see the Mongolian folk art such as small orchestra of Mongolian musical instruments, traditional long song, throat singing – KHOOMII, amazing art of contortion, Buddhist TSAM dance and much more.

Mongolian Traditional Folk Concert on the request:
15 USD p.p (Between 15 June – 30 October).


No. of personPackage price per person
1 pax$160.00
2 pax$100.00
3-5 pax$80.00
6-9 pax$60.00

Price included:

  • Excursions as per itinerary, entrance fees to museum, lunch, guide service and all transfers.
  • Available all year around.