Eastern Mongolia

From June until October


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The Khentii region is a historical site and an archaeologist’s paradise with the frequent discovery of new sites and objects. Khukh Nuur, is the place where Temujin was proclaimed Khaan or King. The place includes Baldan Bereeven monastery built in 1784, the most ancient sites of human presence Rashaan Khad, the remains of a rather unusual structure Uglugchiin Kherem /Wall/, the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, Huduu aral and Avarga plain, a site where Chinggis Khaan consolidated his power, nature reserve Gun Galuut and the largest equestrian statue in the world made in the image of Chinggis Khaan.

Ulaanbaatar the capital city has the seat of major art establishments, museum, and educational institutions, as well as having a range of modern services. And much more to discover.

Travel highlights

Khukh Nuur, Baldan Bereeven monastery, Uglugcjiin Kherem, Birthplace of great Chinggis Khaan, Ruins of Aurag city, Gun Galuut,  Chiggis Khaan Statue Complex and Ulaanbaatar City

Travel length & Availability

From June until October & 9 days

For your Mongolian travel experience, we can organize some of nights in Mongolian ger, instead of staying in a hotel. For more details, please contact our travel experts.

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Day 1. Ulaanbaatar

Upon arrival, meet your guide and transfer to your hotel. Enjoy a welcome dinner at a fine restaurant. Overnight at hotel. Half and full day tours are available on request.

Day 2. Central Mongolia/ Khukh Nuur 215 km

Travel to the east of Ulaanbaatar City to discover Khentii region, the birthplace of the great Chinggis Khaan. Your first stop is Khukh Nuur (Blue lake of Black Heart Mountain). The place, where Chingis Khaan proclaimed Khaan of the Hamug Tribe. Enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and have a picnic lunch near the lake. Drive further to the camp for overnight stay.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 3. Central Mongolia/ Binder 175 km

The day is full of historical sites. A further drive to the east would lead you to Baldan Bereeven monastery. The monastery once boasted over 8.000 monks with buildings made of local stone and wood. Have a short hike around the ruins of the monastery. Drive further to Rashaan Khad, where carvings and paintings etched into the sandy colored rock would depict animals and humans. The place is an important and sacred site for the local tribes over a period of thousands of years. In the afternoon visit Uglugchiin Kherem, built halfway up a hillside and made of stacked rocks 3 meters high and 2.5 meters wide and an impressive 3 kilometers long. Drive to the camp for dinner and overnight stay.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 4. Central Mongolia/ Dadal 115 km

Continue to drive towards Dadal, one of the most attractive sites in Mongolia that has a strong resonance to Chingis Khaan’s heritage. On the way, visit the local museum dedicated to the Queens of Mongolia. As many famous queens came from this area, you can get more information from the museum.

In Dadal, visit the monument of Chinggis Khaan and Deluun Boldog a place where Mongolians believe Chinggis Khaan was born. Stay in camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 5. Central Mongolia/ Ondorkhaan 260 km

This day travel to Ondorkhaan city, the center of Khentii province. Visit the local market and have lunch at a restaurant. Drive to Huduu Aral, which is spread some 30 kilometres along the banks of the Kherlen River. The plain is believed to be the first capital of the Mongols and its first major population center. Backing this claim is the ruins found in 1969 at the archaeological site of Avargiin Balgas. Drive to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 6. Central Mongolia/ Gun Galuut nature reserve 100 km

Drive towards Gun Galuut nature reserve after having breakfast at the camp. Gun Galuut has a great diversity of ecosystems even though it is a comparatively small area. The complex of high mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes and wetlands are kept in their original condition. You can see the vast steppes seeming to meet the sky, the imposing mountains of Baits and Berkh. Stay in ger of the camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 7. Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex- Ulaanbaatar 130 km

After having breakfast, head back to Ulaanbaatar. On the way, visit the famous Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex for an impressive sight of the massive and shiny statue which is the largest creation made in the image of Chinggis Khaan in the world. Further drive to the city and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon, explore the southern part of the city by seeing the Bogd King Palace museum, also known as the Winter Palace. This large complex of seven halls and a two-storey Russian style house was the winter home of Mongolia`s last theocratic leader and third line in the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy after the Dalai Lama and Panchen Rimboche. Go to the upper part of Zaisan Memorial Hill to have a panoramic view of the city. Stay in the hotel.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 8. Ulaanbaatar City Sights

Breakfast at the hotel and visit Gandan monastery, the largest Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia that houses well over 500 monks. The full name of Gandan is Gandantegchilen, translates as ‘The great place of complete joy’. Have lunch in a Mongolian buffet restaurant where you can create your own stir fry bowls and barbeques. Visit National History Museum and Sukhbaatar square which would cover the spot where Mongolia’s independence was proclaimed in 1921. If time permits, you can go for shopping for Mongolian cashmere in the Factory outlet store.

Have dinner in a restaurant and enjoy your evening. Overnight in the hotel.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 9. Departure

After breakfast check out hotel and transfer to the Railway Station or Airport for your international departure.

Breakfast included