Central & North Mongolia

01 June – 01 October


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By combining the unique cultural heritage and beautiful nature, this tour would walk you through the immeasurable beauties of Mongolia. Exploring the great lakes and ancient capital city in the heart of Mongolia are the highlights of this tour. By heading north, you will get introduced to the reindeer herding people which will show you the real Mongolian hospitality and many more.

Travel lights

Ulaanbaatar City, Bayangobi-Elsen Tasarkhai, Karakorum Mongolian Ancient Capital City, Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park and Khuvsgul Lake.

Travel length & Availability

01 June – 01 October; duration 10 days

The tour could be shortened or extended depending on your preference. For more details, please contact our travel experts.

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Day 1. Ulaanbaatar

Upon arrival, meet your guide and transfer to your hotel. Enjoy a welcome dinner at a fine restaurant. Overnight at hotel. Half and full day tours are available on request.

Dinner included

Day 2. Central Mongolia / Bayan Gobi 280 km

After breakfast at the hotel, check out and your adventure with 4×4 jeeps through the Mongolian countryside begins. The first destination is Bayangobi. A semi desert region with sand dunes and beautiful mountainous area. Visit a nomadic camel and horse breeding family. Take an opportunity for horseback or a camel back ride through the Sand Dunes or the open steppe. Spend the night in a ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 3. Cental Mongolia / Orkhon Valley and Kharakorum 100 km

After breakfast get ready to explore Mongolia’s Ancient Capital City Karakorum located in the Orkhan Valley. Chinggis Khaan`s choice of choosing Karakorum as the capital of the empire in Central Mongolia was no coincidence. The surrounding Orkhon Valley was the center of action for various nomadic dynasties that preceded the Mongol Empire, and holds enormous symbolic importance. Here you can see the Erdenezuu monastery, museum of Karakorum, Phallic Rock and Turtle Rock. Stay overnight in ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 4. Northern Mongolia / Great White Lake 300 km

Travel towards to serene Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (Great White Lake), a fresh water lake that is certainly the highlight of Arkhangai Province, Northern Mongolia. Surrounded by extinct and craterous volcanoes (part of the Tarvagatain Nuruu Range), the lake, bird life and mountains are protected within the 73,000 hectare Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park. There are wonderful hiking opportunities around the north-eastern side of the lake, including a hike to Khorgo Volcano (2,968m), about 900 m above the lakeSpend the night in the ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 5. Northern Mongolia / Jargel Jiguur Hot Spa 90 km

Continue your tour to the north by reaching Jargal Jiguur Hot Spa. Enjoy and relax in the natural hot spa. In the evening, enjoying the spa after dinner would also be a different delight. Body massage and beauty services are available on request. Overnight in the ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 6. Northern Mongolia / Moron Town 380 km

This day would be the longest drive for the whole journey. The destination is Moron, the provincial capital of Khuvsgul province. Located in a broad valley on the banks of river the same name, Moron is a relatively large and well laid out town with many local shops, hotels and restaurants. Visiting a local Buddhist temple and the local market is optional. In the local market, you would be able to find locally produced jams, fish and dairy products. Stay overnight at a local hotel.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 7. Middle Gobi / Ongyn Khiid 150 km

Wake up early to see the rising sun over the vast Gobi landscape. Afterwards, proceed to Ongyn Khiid through driving from central to north west point of the Gobi. Located at the banks of Ongi River, you would have a chance to view the ruins of two famed monasteries, the Barlim Khiid to the north and the Khutagt Khiid to the south through an afternoon hike. Combined together, they form the complex known as Ongiin Khiid. Stay overnight in same ger camp.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 8. Northern Mongolia / Khuvsgul Lake 130 km

Arrive at Lake Khovsgol where you will stay for two nights.Known as the ‘dark blue pearl’, Lake Khovsgol is set against a backdrop of mountains, deep pine forests and completed by the sights of grazing horses and yaks. It is located in the northernmost province, is Mongolia’s second largest, deepest and fresh water lake and is also the largest tributary stream for Lake Baikal. Being the second largest freshwater lake in Asia at 1,645 metres above sea level, it freezes from January till April.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 9. Ulaanbaatar 130 km

Have an early or take away breakfast. Drive back to Moron and fly back to Ulaanbaatar City. After arriving in the city, have a visit to Gandan monastery, the largest Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia that houses well over 500 monks. The full name of Gandan is Gandantegchilen, translates as ‘The great place of complete joy’. Visit National History Museum and Sukhbaatar Square which would cover the spot where Mongolia’s independence was proclaimed in 1921. Have lunch in a Mongolian buffet restaurant where you can create your own stir fry bowls and barbeques. Check into hotel and have a leisurely afternoon. Enjoy a colorful Mongolian Folklore concert in the evening and have a farewell dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel.

Lunch & Dinner are included.

Day 10. Departure

After breakfast check out of the hotel and transfer to the Railway station or Airport for your international departure.

Breakfast included